Level 1 BB-BEE Contributor

Avion’s office is situated in Johannesburg, the industrial hub of Southern Africa, and compliments its own local delivery service with courier services, giving access to the wider market.

Avion stocks and distributes a wide range of pneumatic products, representing some of the world’s brand leaders in the industry. This allows us to supply the best quality products at competitive prices. Avion’s service to clients extends beyond simply supplying the product; we are committed to working with our clients to achieve the most efficient and cost effective solutions to their problems, and to supply back-up and support for the quality products that we supply.

Although our staff have the benefit of years of experience in the industry, there is a continuing commitment to training, and keeping up to date with current trends. In this way we are able to provide clients with valuable advice on which products are most suitable for a particular application.


Avion is a progressive company with the emphasis on customer service where stockholding is key to providing services to specific customers. Our clientele includes numerous businesses where production is a 24h operation and the dependability of supplies is of paramount importance to ensure continuous production.

Avion supports Black Economic Empowerment and is a level 1 BB-BEE certified company.  Avion will continue to strive for improved customer service in order to meet our expanding customer base.